Sky Portrait Artist 2019 

I entered my self-portrait into the competition with persuasion from my art teacher but with little hope, knowing that I would be against people older and more experienced- including professional artists- than myself. To my surprise I was accepted! 

I painted my self-portrait when I was 16 years old using oil paints, which were still relatively new to me; I used to hate painting until I found oils around 1 and a half years prior. I wanted to be able to capture my personality, so I opted for a mid-laugh expression. I was inspired by photographer Maud Fernhout and his beautiful photographs of women laughing and men crying. I think expression is such an important thing to capture in order to gain an essence of the subject you're painting. Teeth are historically not tackled within art- with fear of looking aggressive- but I like to challenge myself! 

The filming day was an incredible experience; it was great to be surrounded by other artists that have the same passion as I do. I was the youngest in the competition this year, so it was an extremely proud moment for me to even be there! I had the opportunity to paint the beautiful Jodie Comer from real life (wow). 4 hours went by incredibly fast and I have learned a lot from the experience which has fuelled me on to improve and further my passion. Unfortunately, I did not finish my painting within the time frame and therefore did not get through to the next round. I have since finished the painting (pictured).

Programme website: Portrait Artists - Sky Arts Artist of the year

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